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LiCata Lab - Protein Structure and Function Lab

Selected Recent Publications

Brown, HS, and LiCata, VJ, 2013, Enthalpic switch-points and temperature dependencies of DNA
binding and nucleotide incorporation by Pol I DNA polymerases. Biochim. Biophys.
Acta., 1834: 2133-8.

Yang, Y, and LiCata, VJ, 2011, Interactions of replication versus repair DNA substrates with
the Pol I DNA polymerases from Escherichia coli and Thermus aquaticus. Biophys.
Chem., 159: 188-193.

LiCata, VJ, and Liu, C-C, 2011, Analysis of free energy versus temperature curves in protein
folding and macromolecular interactions. Methods Enzymol., 488: 219-238.

Wowor, AJ, Datta, K, Brown, HS, Thompson, GS, Ray, S, Grove, A, and LiCata, VJ, 2010,
Thermodynamics of the DNA structural selectivity of the Pol I DNA polymerases
from Escherichia coli and Thermus aquaticus, Biophys J., 98: 3015-3024.

Deredge, DJ, Baker, JT, Datta, K, and LiCata, VJ, 2010, The gluatmate effect on DNA
binding by Pol I DNA polymerases: osmotic stress and the effective reversal of salt linkage.
J. Mol. Biol., 401: 223-238.

Datta, K, Johnson, NP, LiCata, VJ, and von Hippel, PH, 2009, Local conformations and
competitive binding affinities of single- and double-stranded primer-template DNA at
the polymerization and editing active sites of DNA polymerases, J. Biol. Chem., 284:

Liu, C-C, Richard, A.J, Datta, K, and LiCata, V.J., 2008, Temperature variable heat
capacity effects in protein-DNA interactions, Biophys. J. 94: 3258-3265.

LiCata, VJ, and Wowor, AJ, 2008, Applications of Fluorescence Anisotropy to the Study
of Protein-DNA Interactions, Methods in Cell Biology, Vol. 84, 243-262.


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